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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

We love helping women enjoy an easier, more comfortable pregnancy with specialised techniques and equipment to cater for growing body shapes. 

As the baby grows, considerable stress is placed on muscles, ligaments, joints and overall posture of a woman’s spine. The pelvis may begin to rotate to allow for the developing baby. This can lead to distortion of the surrounding connective tissue and pelvic dystocia (a common cause of failure to progress in labour.)

Clinically, chiropractic care has been shown to relieve back pain for up to 85% of pregnant women as well as maintaining pelvic balancewhich can allow for less intervention during labour and reduced labour time. Chiropractic care canalso play an integral role in helping to ensure that the developing baby is in the correct position and ready for delivery.

We often hear from our pregnant patients that while they’re under chiropractic care, they experience significantly less aches and pains, compared to previous pregnancies when they were not under care.

Rest assured that chiropractic care while pregnant is extremely safe and also very gentle.  


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