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Chiropractic and Babies/Children

It’s worth pointing out that chiropractic is not just for big people, it’s for little people too! All three of our chiropractors are trained to look after newborn babies right through to school age and beyond. 

Babies that go through birth trauma or require intervention (C-section, ventouse or forceps delivery) can end up creating tension and disturbance of the spinal joints which can have a wide-ranging effect on the baby’s body.  This may show up as restricted movement (baby latching only on one side, or turning to one side), through to digestive and bowel issues, colic and poor sleep patterns.  It is important to acknowledge that chiropractors do not claim to ‘cure’ any of these conditions.  However, we know that through safe and gentle corrections, chiropractors can stimulate the body’s natural ability to restore balance and heal itself.

Paediatric care is so gentle, that babies may even stay asleep throughout their sessions!  

As babies hit their milestones and become toddlers, there can be a lot of stress placed on their spine/pelvis as they repeatedly fall over whilst learning to crawl and then walk.  This repetitive stress can create spinal misalignments, which can affect their health and wellbeing not only now, but also later in life.  This can also occur when they’re older and playing sports, learning to ride bikes/scooters/horses etc.  

It is important to point out that only 10% of the nervous system perceives pain/discomfort.  The other 90% is involved with function (organs/glands/muscles).  If you are waiting for your child to complain of a sore back or neck, the issue has normally been going on for some time and could well have been affecting their development in other ways that you may never connect back to their spine.  We recommend that you bring your children in after any accident/injury to make sure their body is in balance and their health is not potentially compromised.

We feel it’s very important to get babies and children checked out, and we offer a special rate for their chiropractic adjustments.


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